Addicted to variety....

You shouldn’t look back, only forward - however sometimes it’s important to stop and count your blessings. 

This last month has been a mad one. Some days I don’t know where to start, and other days I don’t know when to end - the exhaustion occasionally overwhelms me. I’m writing this from a small village in the South of France, so it’s easy to forget the late nights, the doubt and decisions made - occasionally you feel like you’re not creating - you’re surviving. 

Papua New Guinea. 

Covered a heart wrenching assignments in Papua New Guinea for a fantastic youth run organisation Oaktree. 

Forget anything you’ve heard about Papua New Guinea, the people were nothing but warm, proud and open. 

Words can’t quite do justice to the experience, so I’m currently editing a film and compiling a exhibition to raise funds for the education programs there. There will be an  article in far more detail down the line. 

How do you describe this moment? You can't speak the same language, the exchange is silent. He gives you something, you take something.  Are we the same after this exchange? 



Fool for Love


Q44’s latest production. 

Mark Davis and Rebecca Fortune …



Shot five weddings between Melbourne, Italy and France. Exhausting, rewarding and beautiful. Whilst I only do around 20 a year … everyone one is special to me. 


Sam Lipski

Portrait sitting of Sam Lipski, an Australian journalistic icon.

Former executive producer of Four Corners, Columnist for The Age and the former president of the State Library of Victoria. In person a gentle giant and he even taught me something new about my name. 

His portrait is the 18th for a book on Jewish Humanitarianism I'm collaborating on with an incredible organisation called Standup.


Boeing Aerosystems

Annual report showcasing the incredible technology that creates various parts of the Dreamliner - right here in Port Melbourne, Australia. Did you know the wings are printed? Call Asimov. 




Simba! Well at least 1/4 of them.
Disney contracted to me shoot program guide shots for The Lion King. 

Loving the new Profoto B1 kit…nimble, no power cords and ample power at 400w. 


“ Easy to Love "

Stills for Alex Rathbugers debut album. 

One of the privileges of this role I play is just how many incredible talented people I meet. 

Leica S System 

I’m very excited that I’ve been given the task of launching Leica’s newest medium format camera - the Type 007. I’ve been using the S System for the last two years and it’s evolved me so much as a photographer. It's allowed me to new ways of approaching every assignment, and unlike many other companies Leica have struck a balance between medium format quality and DSLR mobility. 

The evolution of that camera aims to solve a problem we all eventually reach - too much gear. I personally have 9 lenses over 3 formats…what if one system could rule them all?

Launch will be mid August with workshops around the country - can’t reveal too much just yet … but it’s a game changer. Wait, that’s a catch phrase that everyone uses? Read the specs below in that case.


Carrara, Italy

Location scouted the marble mines in the Italian town of Carrara. 

The scale is slightly unimaginable, the rectangular methods of carving looks alien amount the surrounded by the pristine Tuscan landscape.  

Originally excavation started 2000+ years ago by the Romans, and the worlds most celebrated artists from Da Vinci to Michelangelo have carved the pristine marbles of Carrara. 

Through the heart of the mountain.



Dr Steven Liew of the Shape Clinic - one of the world’s leading surgeons pioneering new injecting methods. 

Clinical Imaging


 Signed several new medical clinics to my new company - Clinical Imaging - a new adventure which is slowly changing the methodology of medical imaging in plastic, reconstructive and dermatology clinics. We’ve just hit 20 clinics - and considering we only launched 12 months ago I’m especially proud of Maxime and myself for holding it together. 

Thanks to Francesco for the image.

Thanks to Francesco for the image.

It’s a completely different business environment from photography .

A consultancy agency needs constant attention, and until I have more staff it’ll be a challenge.  

A commercial aspect for Clinical Imaging is medical education. More specifically a Allergan sponsored cadavre workshop where surgeons, nurses and injectors learn techniques to minimise harm to patient. I can’t unfortunately show you any anatomical images, but here is a behind the scene. 

Nothing quite prepares you for the first time you walk in a room, and there are simply four decapitated heads on a table. I’ve played enough Mortal Kombat in my time, but in reality it’s something almost mystical to see. 

It’s a fascinating industry.