About 18 months ago, a close friend and frequent collaborator Samuel Butcher approached me about Fadak.

I wasn’t prepared for her perspective, but feel humbled I was able to capture it so others can understand.

Parallel memories of a time when I was backpacking through America, and she was being shielded from American led coalition forces bombing raids on Baghdad.

Fast forward 18 years, and she now leads a movement. A movement to challenge the narrative of what it means to be a refugee in modern Australia.

I have seen her grow from this quiet law student with an incredible story to tell - to this empowered woman on the national stage challenging governments, institutions and the public at large. She’s helped facilitate others like her to tell their stories of welcome, hope and prosperity.

It’s been an incredible project to be part of, and if you would like to find out follow the links below :


Screenshot 2019-06-22 18.57.06.png

Challenging perceptions about Refugees in our community