A long term collaboration with Interplast led to an opportunity to exhibit and to get awareness to a cause I’m incredibly passionate about.

In May 2018 I was invited to have an exhibition in Germany alongside Dr Jan Wylands and Ando Modular Aid. 

The exhibition will be moved in September to the  49th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

Unfortunately I could not attend, so I was tasked with opening the exhibition through this video : 

Paia Kukim

2 years of Interplast.

Paia Kukim - said out loud ' Fire Cook Em ' is Tok-Pisin, one of the multitude of languages in Papua New Guinea.

These images follow some brief highlights of my time following the surgeons, nurses and staff of Interplast around Mongolia, Tonga, Samoa, Mongolia and India.

I think one of the hard things about being a photographer, is that every photo you take, you live. You’re watching a moment unfold, and you have to take a perspective that is both subjective and objective. Most of these images I only really emotionally process after the fact, as you use the lens as a barrier. There have been many times that I feel like crying whilst covering my face with the camera - but then you have to remember why you’re there, to tell someone else’s story that needs to be told.

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Village Cinema 

Very proud of this project - the and the privilege of being able to go to far off places to capture these stories. 

It’s playing right now in Village Cinemas, in every cinema before every film in Australia - is a ad between the popcorn & trailers for Avengers - which highlights the incredible work of @interplastanz 

Thank you to Shooting Star who produced the video from my content, first of many to come in 2018. 

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